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design solutions for post crash civilisation.

ARK-INC. is currently my main focus of attention, to find out more about this project and participate in its creation; visit the website for more info:


experiments with sound to light 06:
x2 AF signal generators x1 14" sub x1 100-mw red laser diode
x1 small drop of mercury


Power Point is designed to make visible the amount of power being consumed
by each mains socket in a direct and immediate way.

Furthermore, by utilising a technology called X10 to send information through existing power cables, Power Point can pass information about patterns of power consumption to a central database or turn off sockets per-defined as nonessential in the event of power failure. Allowing the property to continue running on back up power until mains power returns.

Over time, the product is intended to change patterns of power use
by creating awareness of how much power individual appliance draws.
Leading users to re-evaluate how they consume power.


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